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Saturday, July 24th, 2004
8:35 pm - yeah i looooooooove the surveys and IM NOT BORED AT FREAKING ALLLLLLLLLLLL
time for livejournal update cuz its saturday night and all ive done today is shower and watch that silly silly game. :-D this week was sweet, my first week living in plymouth and jared and damien were down there for the week too. people came to visit us all week it was fun....until next week when im in plymouth by myself haha. 5 out of the past 7 days i drank, aaand i am ending that streak today. thats what happens when u live with boys.

and now a survey from sarah cuz it fills a tiny timeslot that i would otherwise spend watching tv....and u wont admit it but u love reading my surveys. ummmmm.

First kiss: billy giovanella (bet some of u woulda never guessed that one)
First state you lived in: ma
First boy/girl you liked: brian urquart...i was 5
First boy/girl you loved: love plays tricks on you when ur young so who knows
First book you couldn't put down: ahh dr suess? i duno
First friend you couldn't wait to see: brian (my best friend down the st who moved away when i was little)
First SN: cheerEm hahahahaha
First email: this
First online journal: is dumb
First band you loved: i cant
First band member you obsessed about: remember any
First song you loved of your current favorite band: of this shit

Last kiss: few days ago lucky me
Last hug: last night
Last word said: bye
Last book read (all the way): i always read 3/4 then get bored
Last IM: bry
Last person IMed: ?
Last online journal entry: few weeks ago maybe
Last TV show seen: red sox game........they won
Last commercial seen: viagra
Last person you spoke to: billy
Last CD bought: N.E.R.D.
Last song heard: ashlee simpson...shadow
Last thought: i need to do something so this day isnt a complete waste
Last word heard: birthday (my mom talking on the phone)

Current song listening to/singing: nothing
Current website you're surfing: this
Current book you're reading: none
Current friend you're talking to: sarah.......aaaand i have no friends
Current rant: beer! haha
Current obsession: mollie...i love my baby mollie
Current love of your life: mollie...even tho i think she loves jared and thomas more than me tho
Current hair color: brown
Current shoe you're wearing: feeeeeeeeeet
Current hair style: up in a crapshit messy bun cuz i have no one to impress
Current person you hate: NO ONE! =)

THIS THING WAS GAYYYYYY im pissed that i did it now. thanks a fucking lot sarah u bitch. i loooove sarah, i went to her party in lowell last weekend with kate! we surprised her hehe, it was so fun, us 503 bitches hold shit down I CANT WAIT TO GO BVACK TO BOSTON AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

current mood: calm

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Friday, June 18th, 2004
12:33 pm - just cuz she dances go-go it dont make her a hoe no..
yeah ok its my turn to update now...christina pretty much summed up the whole college thing, and perfectly i might add. its a rough change..especially when everything was so good where u came from. anyway this summer is going awesome so far. i love meeting new people and going new places!

so i have yet to find a permanent job for the summer haha what else is new...guess i'll just have to relax and have too much fun til i find one! damn. (meanwhile emily has to move back home a month after she moves into her apartment cuz she failed to save any money). so i might get a job teaching kids to draw for the school year, and i might get a job at a psych ward this summer. for now, im doing research for property plans for my dad...haha im all over the place.

its weird with jenny not here this summer...i think we all miss her random dates/hookups/plans...that we all made fun of before haha. i really do miss having her around and chillin in her basement and even getting kicked out by ed and sena. it was so sweet tho when they "punk'd" me at the airport when jenny came to visit! i love surprises.

and now im copying christinas thingy cuz its short and sweet and to the point:

::10 random things you like ::
01. my friends
02. boston
03. the beach...swimming in the ocean
04. taking pictures
05. getting massages
06. meeting new people
07. shows, music
08. flowers in my room
09. laughing
10. wearing hats

:;9 movies you enjoy ::
01. that thing u do!
02. chicago
03. old school
04. beauty and the beast
05. finding nemo
07. im bored

::8 good bands/artists ::
01. thrice
02. The Format
03. sublime
04. tupac...be quiet
05. justin
06. incubus
07. Taking Back Sunday
08. Ericson :O

::7 things about your physical appearance you like ::
01. uhhh, why are there 7 spaces here?
02. haha
03. um
04. my eyes
05. i'll agree with christina on hands
06. my cute beer belly =)
07. my back...i like backs...duno why...just do

::6 good friends ::
01. Lani
02. christina
03. Jenny
04. Jon
05. Jared
06. Matt
...same exact as christinas haha..except i have to add my beautiful roommate katelyn =)

::5 favorite foods/drinks ::
01. beer...corona with a lime 8)
02. coffee
03. bananas
04. buffalo chicken sandwich oooo i want one right now
05. choc covered strawberries CAN WE REALLY NOT TALK ABOUT THIS RIGHT NOW

::4 things that annoy you ::
01. people talking down to me >:O
02. messy room..even tho its always messy
03. clingi-ness
04. playing games....save it for the boards not the people =P

::3 shows you watch ::
01. Real World
02. last comic standing haha
03. vh1 countdowns

::2 people on lj that you have kissed ::
01. LPH
02. thats 4 im done!

::1 person you could spend the rest of your life with ::
yeah...im gonna have to say...yeah...im just not gonna say anything at all

there ya go now u know me better! be wicked happy!

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Saturday, April 3rd, 2004
3:15 pm - bitch please
well......cali was fun, that was like a month ago now haha, so much different out there

skate and surf fest day 2 and 3 are sold out!!! booooooooooo, i was sooo looking forward to that, so me and stina dont know what to do. hey maybe we will find a way to make it......anyone selling tix? hah

we went to the roxy last night for the first time it was funnnn. miranda kate and danielle all got ids within the past few days! sweet right? so we got all decked out, pregamed a little, then went to foggy first for a drink. everything was all cool, we went to the roxy at like midnight...standing in line, the bouncer picks on miranda and asks her for her license with backup, starts giving her a hard time...FUCK...me and kate ignore it and pretend we're not with her (miranda kate and danielles ids are all fake and all from nj) so me and kate get in and danielles sitting there arguing with the bouncer, he takes her id away, and miranda left with her. shitfuck that sucked. anyway miranda just went back to foggy and had a good time there....me and kate met up with sarah and her friend karen inside...all in all good night, spent WAY too much money! actually none of us had any money to get home, some kids we met said theyd bring us home in the limo they got.........turns out their limo was a TOWNCAR. there were 10 people all together in the car all the way to BC. i am sooooooooo tired i went to bed at 6 and woke up at 12 and thats my night. later. =)

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Friday, March 5th, 2004
5:56 pm - wow this thing is dusty...
yeah i dont really write in here when im at school, never enough time. Im on spring break now and im going to CALIFORNIA! on sunday im sooo excited. anyway to update, school sucks I kinda hate it and I hate going there. No one parties and its not that fun. I am going to bryant in a little while to see christina! last weekend I had fun there...too much fun? i duno i got some really really bad 24 hour bug, i thought it was from the alcohol that night but when i was puking out every possible thing and fluid my body had stored in it it obviously wasnt from that. anyway, im gonna get coffee with my mommy now then move on to go see christina! yay! i miss lani and jenny i cant wait til summer!

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Wednesday, January 14th, 2004
4:21 pm - whats a new year without resolutions?!
i almost forgot to make a new years resolution! i never really make them, probably cuz no one ever really keeps them. but this year i have 2! #1. marry or have a one night stand with one of the following: rob thomas, justin timberlake, craig (dancer). #2. tell everyone i love that i love them more often. i never ever tell people how much they mean to me, and i know i usually dont even show it. and i never realized how completely dumb that is. i should have told kerri she was one of the most amazing people i knew everyday...and theres my lesson learned. i better start working on new year's resolution #1 tho haha.

i go back to boston monday wooo!!!

i also plan on going back to maine or nh, that was funnnnnn =)


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Saturday, January 3rd, 2004
2:42 pm - ~i'll sacrifice one moment for one truth~
welllllllllllll new years was fun i didnt sleep and worked at 9am that was hell. i was on my hands and knees at 7am scrubbing my kitchen floor haha. so i cleaned my whole entire house, it looked awesome, but not too awesome so it was sketchy....my parents come home...whats the one thing i didnt do? take the fucking shot glass out of the sink hahah my moms like em forget something? ooooooops! yeah then my dad went to fix my blinker and found a bottle of cap and vodka leftover....except the vodka was smashed from being in my trunk..yeah vodka ALL OVER MY TRUNK, like u can put your hand down and it would be swimming in vodka. SWEET haha. so my parents think im an alcoholic but hey what are ya gonna do. whatever we had a fun night =)

sooooo yeah maine monday! woo! im getting sick tho, SWEET.

remember the time nick was coming down to mass then bailed last minute?? yeah me too, cunt. haha jayyyyyy k. ewwwww work in an hour fuck me. whats going onnnnnnn tonight?

current mood: sick

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Thursday, December 25th, 2003
1:01 am - MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!
quotes by lani from our conversation christmas eve haha.............

Launy01: remember the time all of our boyfriends were that awesome??
Launy01: oh wait.. we have had like 2 in 9834983 years and they SUCKED

Launy01: your fuckin bitta! ya bitta!

Launy01: i was telling my mom how it was so sad that stina talks about jon, jenny talks about jamie, and me and you talk about our SISTERS boyfriends!
Launy01: hahahahahaha

Launy01: its like OOWWWW!... yeah that feels good??

Launy01: we are gonna be bitter fat 50 year olds on the couch eating food still bitching about how we dont have boyfriends and stina and jenny will be marriend and rich with successful jobs

i am still laughing =P

HAVE A MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!!!!! mwah! goodnight!

current mood: silly

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Tuesday, December 23rd, 2003
4:58 pm - ...so this is christmas....
well its 2 days before christmas and i am getting sick. AWESOME. and i had to get a delivery job at dominos cuz i need money sooooooo bad. they are the most disorganized business i have ever seen in my life. i have talked to 3 different managers and they all say different things. all i did today for 2 and a half hours was take safety quizzes? wtf? haha. and my cars in the shop so for the time being i am acclaim-less. being on break isnt as fun as i thought it was gonna be so far...mostly cuz ive been tired and feeling sick i havent even seen lph in like 2 days!

being sick sucks, i still cant wait for christmas though! and im going away twice right after christmas once with my fam to killington, then with my friends to my aunts cottage! woo! im so bored, this whole entry is about nothing haha, laterrrrrr

current mood: sick

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Saturday, December 20th, 2003
6:40 pm - its survey time.......cuz its my first day home and i am THAT BORED...ALREADY lfks;slkdjf;lskjf;sldk
this part was so boring that i took it out...you all know my name and eye color haha

x. Are you still in school: yup
x. Current grade: freshmen in college
x. Favorite grade: i think soph year was the best
x. Worst grade: freshmen in hs UGH
x. Favorite teacher: mine was def tamatha but i know christinas and lani's was MELLO...only cuz they kissed him tho
x. Worst teacher: mello
x. Favorite subject: art
x. Worst subject: mello (spanish....even tho it was the funnest)
x. Buy or bring lunch: buy! oooohhh i miss rav day and pizza day soooo much
x. School sports: cheerleading woo!!!
x. High school: franklin high
x. School activities: umm cheerleading? haha
x. Popular or what: does 3 friends count as popular? come on i hung out with them a lot
x. Favorite memory: summer parties- rog's, dave's, cape, york, jon's RI house haha
x. Worst memory: dec 5

x. Number: 7
x. Clothing brand: cheap!
x. Shoes: i duno ask lani hehe
x. Saying: "everything happens for a reason"
x. TV show: SAVED BY THE BELL and elimidate
x. Sport: dance and bball
x. Vegetable: does this matter?
x. Fruit: does THIS?!
x. Movie: that thing u do! yes i am marrying guy patterson im a sucka for a good drumma =) oh what rhythm
x. Actress: sandra bullock
x. Actor: justin timberlake (shut up he will be someday i swear)
x. Candy: who cares
x. Gum: who cares
x. Scent: ooo lovespell by victoria secret! and freedom by TH
x. Candy bar: nestle crunch
x. Ice cream: eminem blizzy!
x. Color: emerald green
x. Season: spring
x. Holiday: thanksgiving and christmas
x. Band: matchbox 20, weezer, thrice, IAD, coheed, brand new, just been had, strutter, anb, ok now im just being an asshole
x. Singer: rob thomas, singer of thrice, ummmm see fav bands?
x. Music: all
x. Fast song: trust....umm it gets fast
x. Slow song: say it aint so? its kinda slow
x. Thing in your room: my bed
x. Place to be: in someones arms (shut up i know that sounds emo assholes)
x. Radio station: ?
x. TV channel: ?
x. Junk food: ?
x. Fast food place: taco bellllll
x. Restaurant: james's, fire and ice
x. Shape: what? what the hell kind of question is that
x. Time of day: sunrise/sunset
x. Country: USA
x. State: i wanna go to california sooooo bad!
x. Boy's name: Dylan, patrick
x. Girl's name: Briana
x. Mall: ?
x. Video game: ?
x. Shampoo: aveda but who cares
x. Computer game: ?
x. Car: jeep wrangler...i WILL have one someday
x. Music video: ?
x. Swear word: cunt
x. Month: december or july
x. Song: trust, only in dreams, say it aint so, long day
x. Scary movie: dunnoooooooo
x. Team: yanks guys! come on, red sox

x. Boyfriend/girlfriend: do i ever??
x. Crush: haha red jacket
x. Do you love anyone right now: course i do
x. Have you ever been in love: yes i have and it SUCKED
x. How many hearts have you broken: i lost count.....jk i think just one...or 2? but it wasnt intentional!
x. How many people broke your heart: hmm people that matter? two, go figure! its like this and the question before cancel out!
x. So what's your bf/gf like: nice, funny, cute, beautiful eyes and smile, opens doors for me.......so when does this bf arrive?
x. Do you go more by looks or personality: personality if u cant make me laugh and smile then u cant stay!
x. Ever kiss a friend: yesah
x. Are you still friends: yesah
x. Do you smoke: no!
x. How about weed: sh
x. Acid: noooo way
x. How about a little ecstasy: haha nooo
x. Crack, heroin, anything else: ohh was that was that needle was??

x. Best friend: LPH!
x. Known longest: katelyn boyle haha, then christina
x. Wish you talk to more than you do: yes
x. How many friends do you think you have: i dunno who counts their friends
x. How many do you actually hang out with: christina every weekend haha, the rest when we can!
x. Who drives you insane: BOYSSSSSSS
x. Ever lose a good friend because you took it to the next level: omg YES =(
x. Craziest: LPH
x. Loudest: christina and jenny
x. Shyest: jon perri around girls hehe!
x. Best hair: jenny
x. Can always make you laugh: LPH no doubt, and jon
x. Best eyes: kate pecuilan (i prob butchered the spelling)
x. Best name: out of my friends? def lani or jared
x. Most athletic: jenny
x. Shortest: adriana!
x. Best singing voice: lph in the car
x. Skinniest: me christina lani and jenny
x. Nicest: lani is too nice....esp to boys, me jenny and stina are gonna go kick some virginian ass
x. Best personality: all of them thats why they are my friends
x. Biggest drug user: tyler haha
x. Alcoholic: TC

x. Flashed someone: hehe =)
x. Told the person you liked how you felt: why yes i have
x. Gotten really REALLY wasted: tooo many times
x. Gone to jail/juvenile detention: hell no
x. Skateboarded: ive stood on one
x. Skinny dipped: ugh shut up
x. Stolen anything from a store: yessss woops
x. Kissed someone of the same sex: on the cheeky
x. Been to a concert: hell yes
x. Been to another country: canada
x. Talked back to an adult: yeah im a brat
x. Given money to some homeless person: yes like once a week they are everywhere!
x. Cried to get out of trouble: hehe yup
x. Kissed a friend's brother/sister: no but ive wished it before!

x. You ate: soy crisps mmmm
x. You drank: starbucks coffee
x. The last place you went: my room in boston...now im home

x. Last thing you bought: starbucks coffee
x. Last person you saw: my parents
x. Last person you talked to: mom
x. Last song you heard: could have lied, RHCP

damn that took a long time only read this if ur bored! =)

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Sunday, December 14th, 2003
hmm i dont keep up with this anymore theres too much to say. i have the best friends in the world. christina comes to boston almost every weekend and i fucking love it and i wanna cry when she leaves! jared and jon have come a couple times too i always have fun when they're all here. i think one of the most fun nights in boston tho was the pimps and hoes party a couple weekends ago (girls dress like hoes, boys dress like pimps). i had sooo much fun and i wish they were here for that too! but they are nerds so they missed out. christina was here last night, not one of the better times of her visitations but fun nonetheless =) any good shows coming up? wooo christmas almost here! and that means i get to see LPH for a month straight HOLY SHIT everyone should be so scared haha, thats all for now, laterrrrrr homies

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Thursday, November 27th, 2003
woooo LPH is reunited! back in effect, harassing once again, reliving the old times, haha be scared, and turn off ur cell phones............. we are awesome =)

stina's here, and we just finished off round 2 of thanksgiving hehe it was suede

we have nothing to do tonight, jenny has abandoned us =( hehe give us something to doooooooooooo

the rest of the weekend......for serious......u dont even know......u dont hear us tho


current mood: bored

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Friday, November 14th, 2003
11:19 pm - hoooooooooooooome again =)
hmmmm where to start? first of all, my bday was AWESOME...my best friends from home (minus the damn virginian and alabamanian...?) haha, but my best friends partying with my massart friends, what more?! yay! party in my dorm room haha im surprised we didnt get in trouble, they could hear us down on the 4th floor! it really meant so much to me to be with most of my fav people. a certain someone seems to keep forgetting how much he means to me...stupid.
anyway then stephie came up on tuesday night that was fun! she got to meet all my girls at school, we drank whiskey and coffee...then beer haha. martini party in dartmouth sooooon =)
i am home now..i really dont know why i came home i miss being around people. anyway fun weekend ahead...right stina?! hehee!

check ya'll later

ps. hows everyone doin that i havent talked to in a while?!?! i mean EVERYONE i havent talked to. i suck at keeping in touch...drop me a line yo =P

pps. jenny quaid was on tv tonight!!! im so sorry i didnt call u to tell u =(

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Sunday, October 12th, 2003
9:04 pm - late night brakes lock hear the tires squeal, red light cant stop so i spin the wheel
mmmmmm this weekend ruled. friday night i met all mirandas friends up on mission hill they were sooo nice and so fun..then we went to a bar later on and we were only sposed to stay there for like 10 mins but we ended up staying till 2 haha. Some spanish guy taught me how to merengue dance it was fun. I want to go to bars everynight...as long as im not payin for the drinks =) then last night christina came!!! and we drank during the game...(shitty game) then went to wendys and for some reason we had SO MUCH fun in that period of time, we got back here around midnight and never even made it to a party...jon and jared came, jon drove christina home and jared was already 15 beers in haha so he stayed here...yeah jared actually came to visit!?
well after going to bed at 5 three nights in a row i was actually dead this morning, like couldnt move couldnt think dead. i slept most of the day and then got up and got ready to go watch the game and IT WAS CANCELLED!!! rrrrr but this weekend was soooooo awesome i love boston


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9:04 pm - late night brakes lock hear the tires squeal, red light cant stop so i spin the wheel
mmmmmm this weekend ruled. friday night i met all mirandas friends up on mission hill they were sooo nice and so fun..then we went to a bar later on and we were only sposed to stay there for like 10 mins but we ended up staying till 2 haha. Some spanish guy taught me how to merengue dance it was fun. I want to go to bars everynight...as long as im not payin for the drinks =) then last night christina came!!! and we drank during the game...(shitty game) then went to wendys and for some reason we had SO MUCH fun in that period of time, we got back here around midnight and never even made it to a party...jon and jared came, jon drove christina home and jared was already 15 beers in haha so he stayed here...yeah jared actually came to visit!?
well after going to bed at 5 three nights in a row i was actually dead this morning, like couldnt move couldnt think dead. i slept most of the day and then got up and got ready to go watch the game and IT WAS CANCELLED!!! rrrrr but this weekend was soooooo awesome i love boston


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Sunday, October 5th, 2003
9:45 pm - club aria
well this weekend....umm...if u dont know the story, ask me i guess, im not typing it out in here. im an idiot, and I have the best guardian angel in the universe.

speaking of Kerri...today is her 10 month. I miss her, I visited her in franklin for a little. The sun was shining...RIP hunnie

Brighter note...sox did awesome today, game 5 tomorrow

current mood: uncomfortable

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Saturday, September 27th, 2003
11:14 am - You're what makes New England so great
hmm havent updated in a while. Ive been busy..very busy. I love massart, I get a lot a lot a lot of work but whatever I guess thats what my parents are paying for. umm I dont really have much to say, or feel like saying cuz if u know me then u know whats up in my life. The only reason Im updating is cuz Ive been told I had to. I miss Lani and Jenny and I would give anything in the world for a plane ticket right now, if I had the money I would spend it. Matchbox 20 tuesday! ahh i cant wait for that. and today is a special day......its stephie's birfday! HAPPY BIRFDAY STEPH =)
I'm goin home tonight cuz I gotta work tomorrow, yeah money and yeah seeing scot
im out, this is boring, dont read it

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Tuesday, September 2nd, 2003
4:42 pm - IM AT MASSART!!!!!!!
hehe i love it here, i was a little apprehensive at first, but i met some really cool people and our dorm room is awwwweeeesome, so i expect visitors...and so does jess. our suitemates rule too, its easy to get roomed with weirdos at art school, we dodged that one woooo! classes start tomorrow, but not for me till thursday! last ngiht was fun, we were chillin in our dorm room then we went down one floor on our way out and there was a party on the floor going on! so it was sweet we met lotsa people i cant remember most of them tho haha woops. till later......i miss u guys so much


current mood: cheerful

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Friday, August 29th, 2003
12:57 pm - ok ok ok...
seeing as today is my last day living in franklin i thought i should update. BRAND NEW WAS AWESOME LAST NIGHT. i fuckin love my friends so much, i have the perfect friends...PERFECT. one thing that would have made last night a lot better tho is if jenny and lani were there =( i miss them i cant wait till we all reunite!

i cant believe i leave tomorrow, i have never had to pack for more than a week away from home, ive never moved in my life. its weird, but exciting. jareds coming home today for the long weekend so we'll all get to hang out tonight hopefully cuz christina and jon are going tomorrow too! ah!

current mood: anxious

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Friday, August 22nd, 2003
10:20 pm - damn
hmm lets see

i dont wanna go to college

i dont wanna be in franklin

i have nightmares

i miss my friends


current mood: pessimistic

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Monday, August 18th, 2003
11:55 pm - HAPPY BDAY YESTERDAY LANI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
half of LPH is gone and i miss lani and jenny soooo much. its been boring most of the time since they both left. but christina just got home yesterday so hopefully this week will be fun! I just found out i am disaster is playing skatefest, wooooooooooooo! there arent really any great headliners but some good locals.

anyway i suppose things are resolved now between me and u, at least i think so, i hope so. we'll just have to see what happens i guess, but i love you and you're like family.

im out, dance tomorrow!!! with omar! i cant wait to see them sluts again, goodnight

current mood: awake

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